We've gotten pretty popular! For general discussions, and fan fiction/art before I bother posting it, visit the the Muraki/Tsuzuki ML.

Please Note: The mailing list is still run and maintained by Eike, the former owner of Amethyst Roses. The mailing list is not related to moonliteshadow.net, as I cannot change anything about it.
Eike can be reached Here.

General Rules:
-Try to be active. We don't have that many members, and if we all lurk the list dies.

-Make sure to rate your fics. Some people might not want to read a lemon...

-All forms of fic are permitted ^_^ In fact, I'd really welcome some dark angsty lemons stories... *cough* Anyways. If it's Muraki/Tsuzuki, it's allowed. This does not apply to pics. I personally prefer not to look at hentai art, so although a link to the image is permitted, you may not directly send it to the list. Also, I won't put it up on the site.

-Please please double-check your fics. Look for spelling and grammar mistakes, and make sure it's formatted. While I don't mind htmling an already formatted fic, trying to figure out where linebreaks are supposed to go isn't nearly as simple. Also, I refuse to do the beta-ing for you. So the fic gets put up as you sent it.

-No non-Tsuzuki/Muraki fics/pics.

-No one liners. Please, those just spam up the list.

-No flaming! I don't want this list to have a flame war going on. We're all yaoi-fans, we should be able to get along.

-I'm starting to dislike welcome messages. That doesn't mean I don't like getting new members, but if you feel the need to introduce yourself, add something meaninful to your post. Bring a fic, a fanart, or maybe start up a discussion. Just saying "hi, my name is ____, I like yami no matsuei and especially Mu/Tsu" is kind of pointless.

-Try to make sure you type correctly. Nothing annoys me more than "hwo r u 2day." I'm not going to pounce on you if you do, but it makes for a happier community if we can all read what you're trying to type.