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Okay, this is a free link site. That means you can link me anywhere you feel like it. If you don't tell me, that's okay too. I get a nice surprise seeing myself linked somewhere I didn't expect. ^_^ If you do link me, you can use these banners. _PLEASE_ upload these to your own server! Don't direct link >O The url is Do not link directly to any of the other sites!

I actually made this one

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Here's some links, if you want me to add you, e-mail me.

- The Void
Leareth's page. Awesome fanfics, and a "scanlation" of Tokyo Babylon.

- The Muraki/Tsuzuki ML
Okay, go join! This is the reason the page is here!

Has some good YnM manga translations.

- Twilight Angels & Violet Roses
Mirialdo's site, where she keeps her YnM fanfiction, among other things.

- Wings Of Glass
Literary Eagle's site, where she hosts all of her fanfiction.
(Edit 28.02.04: fixed link)

- Tamaokuri
Another YnM website that I run, an image gallery.

- KatCom
A YnM fansite, with a large fanfiction archive, fanart, games and more.

- Muraki x Tsuzuki
The Muraki x Tsuzuki Yaoi Community Livejournal Community.

- Anime on DVD
An important site for all anime fans, the newest news and reviews about anime on DVD's.

- Anime News Network
One of the most important sites for anime fans, up to the date news on everything anime.

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