Because Pandora wanted me too, I've decided to make a better info section. This means many many spoilers, and maybe some sillyness! Oh, and also note that most of this info is stolen from other pages~ But since most YnM pages probably have the same info anyways... *cough*

Oh, last names first, like in Japan.

Tsuzuki Asato
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
Age: 26
(Side note: Ginzai and Nezumi brought up that Tsuzuki stopped aging at age 18, in both body and mentality. Or was it before that already? ^_- think a bit. )
B-day: February 24, 1900
(Only 9 days after mine! kyaaaaa! ^_^ )
Starsign: Pisces
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Tokyo
Motto: "What you can do tomorrow don't do today."
('s also my motto... much to my mom's dismay ^_-)
Interests: Gardening, Cooking...
(Cooking? O.o poor world.)
Favorite Color: Light Green
Favorite Food: Apple Pie, Sweet stuff, Sake
What he would give Muraki for x-mas: ... well, himself would probably be the thing Muraki would enjoy most, wouldn't it? Then of course, you'd get into the whole discussion of wether or not he'd even get Muraki a present... under the right circumstances, perhaps?
Deep Dark Secret Past: Well, I haven't read the manga, but what I can piece together from manga summaries, the tv eps, and theria's translations... Anyways. Tsuzuki was "abnormal" as a child. He already had some special ability, and was thus the outsider. Somebody died, he went insane... Muraki's grandfather kept him in a mental ward for 8 years. Tsuzuki didn't eat, sleep, or age in all that time. Tsuzuki finally was able to commit suicide after 8 years. And.... ugh. I'm bored now. Sorry. Find the infos on some other page. You probably don't want that many spoilers anyways.
I've finally seen the Devil's Trill arc (sankyuu, Em-chan!)... I dun think that Demon-Tsuzuki is so amazing. It's just a posessed Tsuzuki... Now, if Demon-Tsu were his normal dark side, THEN it'd be cool. ^_^

Muraki Kazutaka
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Silver
B-day: December 4 1964
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Tokyo
Motto: "Lobster catch the red snapper. Otherwise progress human faults."
(There's a page out there with a nice explanation of that -_-;; The doll museum. Incidentally, that's the page I stole all this info from. She stole it all from theria.)
Interests: Antique doll collecting
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Food: Omelets
What he would give Tsuzuki for x-mas: Well.... I still say it'd have something to do with flowers. But I've heard some sillier ones... Hakushaku's head on a plate? ^_^;; Or a knife. But flowers and poetry for sure!
Dark and Dreary Past: Okay, what I've pieced together...
He had a tragic past, he hates his brother, his brother is dead, his brother is a freaking head in a jar (albeit a huge jar), he loves Tsuzuki, he wants Tsuzuki's body, he wants Tsuzuki's body to revive his dead brother so he can kill his brother... *deep breath* Oh, and he's a respected doctor, although very very evil. And that's all you'll get from me at.... 10pm. If you feel like giving me better info, send away.


Why not? There's plenty of hints, and Muraki/Tsuzuki is, for me, much more enjoyable than Hisoka/Tsuzuki. I must admit, when I started up this shrine, I hadn't seen more than the first 4 eps of yami no matsuei, and I hadn't read any manga sypnosises. Anybody who remembers, the Tatsumi/Tsuzuki hints don't show up in those first four eps! If they had been there, I might have been a huge TaTsu fan. But I'm not! MuTsu all the way!
On a more serious note (I can be serious? O.o)... Umm.... dang. You know what? Head on over to the list, and read up on some of the discussions we've had. That'll clear some things up. Or make you more confused.
But the Primary Reason why I made this page is that I was looking for MuTsu fics, and I couldn't find any! Or, very very few. They certainly deserve a shrine, so I decided I'd make it. And, this is a webpage I can actually maintain! Yay!